Pantry Challenge

Since we have to install new counters (oops) and attach cementboard to the wall over the busted plaster (not my oops, but still), I thought January might be a good time to do some pantry cooking.  We’ll save some money and consume some of the stuff that’s been in the pantry (or lazy susan, in our case) quite some time.  Here’s what we’ve got:

dried beans–black beans and white beans
whole wheat couscous
pasta (I’m about to stock up, since Stop and Shop has it on sale for a buck)
tomatoes (ditto above–Red Pack for $1/can, so I’ll get a dozen this week)
brown rice
brown and wild rice  (not a lot)
white rice  (also not a lot)
arborio rice (probably 3/4 cup)
bean threads
half a box of rice noodles
lentils (red and green)
pearled barley (about 1/2 c)

And in the freezer, lots of ham, turkey, the equivalent of a can of chickpeas, 8 oz mozzarella, and some frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s; a bit of frozen mixed veggies and some frozen corn. The fridge is pretty sparse–some clementines, a single onion and some hummus, but also eggs, milk, cheddar, pepperoni.  and a really old cabbage.

So, what would you make?  I’m thinking some kind of soup, macaroni and cheese with ham, and that’s where I get stuck.


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