Grilled Buffalo Chicken

I didn’t get a pretty picture (alas, it wasn’t pretty) but if you are a fan of buffalo chicken but would rather not fry everything for whatever reason, this is for you. I love buffalo chicken fingers, myself; I like the wings ok, but don’t care for all the skin and bones involved.

I used tabasco sauce in my recipe, as Whole Foods didn’t have Frank’s, which I understand is traditional.

So here you go:

1 1/2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast  (I had two huge pieces), dusted with:



chili powder

Grill until done–this took about 15 minutes.  Let them rest a few minutes and then cut into chunks.

Mix 3.5 T tabasco or other hot sauce with 3 T melted butter.  I think Mr. Pea added a little more paprika to this, as well.  Add your chopped chicken and toss.  Add about 1/3 or so cups of crumbled blue cheese.

We ate this chicken with corn on the cob and our make-it-yourself rice-a-roni.


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