Free table! Yay!

Early in process--just missing screensThis is an in-progress shot of our screen porch.  Here it’s missing screens and trim, torn down courtesy of dad.  Right now it’s been sanded and the interior parts, as well as the horizontal beams, have been sanded primed.  I need to sand a couple of missed spots and prime the outside, but we’re well on our way to having a proper porch.  The door needs work–I can’t remember what dad said we’re doing about that–and eventually we’ll have to repair the floor, too, as the concrete split and needs re-sealing.  But hey, porch!  Almost!  Yay!  Which is good, as I got this freebie today:

Free table!!  Woohoo!Wahoo!  I was driving from work to the grocery store and saw a guy putting it out on the sidewalk.  As I inspected it, a lady offered to help me get it in the car.  She was awesome, trying every which way combination to get it in.  I still have no idea what her name even was.  Then I drove very, very carefully home as the table was sticking out of the trunk and held in with a bungee cord.  But hey, free table!  It needs a coat of paint, but it’s in good shape and really fits the home’s original mid-50s aesthetic.  Yay, free!



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