Morning Sunshine (Cinnamon Buns Any Time)

Cinnamon bunsLately we haven’t had a lot of sunshine in these parts.  After a stellar Monday, we’ve had dreary rainy days the rest of the week (though as I type this it seems to be brightening a bit!).  I’ve been a little dreary, myself, and have tried to begin a news fast to eliminate at least one aspect of my irritation (I tend to over-absorb), even if I can’t control others (I try to deal well with rejection but it’s not my particular strong suit).  Yesterday I was antsy, thinking about an old project, a new project, and just decided to put my hands in a big old bowl of dough and knead out my anxiety.  This pan of buns–plus 11 more in the freezer–is the result.

I’ve always been a lover of cinnamon buns.  They’re yummy, soothing, but tend to take a lot of time to make, even if most of that time they’re rising on their own.  This particular batch was from a site I found that discussed making mass quantities and sticking a bunch in the freezer for easy access down the road.  You make the dough, let it rise, roll it out and add cinnamon and brown sugar, roll up, slice, and freeze a bunch of them on a cookie sheet.  I put seven in this pan and stuck them in the fridge for a long second rise.  This morning, I pulled them out for 20 minutes or so before popping them in a 350* oven.  The frozen ones I’ll put in a pan at a later date and let thaw and rise on the counter overnight (though the heat of summer might not be the best time for that–they could over-rise in a kitchen that’s 87 overnight.  It can happen when you don’t have AC and you keep the windows in all but the bedroom closed overnight).  Then they too just go in the oven.

The recipe for these particular rolls, though you could use any recipe you like as long as you follow the method, was taken from here:  I halved the original recipe, which makes 36 rolls, as I didn’t have space in my freezer to freeze them all on cookie sheets.  I found the link through another site, this one:, which I found through my new favorite time waster, Pinterest.  I like Pinterest.  I get to pin all kinds of photos and browse other people’s photos and repin them should I so desire….hours can be spent doing this, just to warn you.  I started using it so I could keep track of kitchen ideas.  Now it is, surprise surprise, where I mainly post pictures of food.

At any rate, if you like cinnamon buns to be ready at your convenience, I strongly suggest you make a batch of these, pop them in your freezer, and enjoy them for months weeks days to come.


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