Flora and Fauna

I think it's a helleboreThe gentleman who owned the house before us lived here for 31 years and landscaped the back yard a bit by having plants along the woodsy border of the backyard.  When we were here in late spring, a number of them were in bloom–daffodils, for example, and this plant which I’m pretty sure is a hellebore.  By the time we moved in at the end of May, many of the plants had gotten grown over some by the groundcover and weeds.  Today I finally started weeding them out some.

What is it?
The above plant I can’t identify.  It’s a purplish color, though it looks more green here.  It reminds me of a coral bell, but lacks telltale flowers; it wasn’t flowering, I don’t think, back in early spring.  Anyone know what it is?

Baby blue jay

Lastly, I want you to meet one of the three baby blue jays that live above these plants.  This one is the bravest and most awake–the others hunker down until a parent returns with food, and then all three make a racket.  This one is getting ready to move on, I think, eagerly.  I know it’s hard to see, as I’m not tall and my lens only zooms so well.  They’re fun to watch. Today a cat was in the yard and two adult jays kept swooping down near it in an effort to shoo it away.  I eventually yelled out the window and it ran.  No way it’s threatening these three fuzzballs.

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