Winter Walk

Those of you who live outside the eastern seaboard have likely heard about the snowstorm we got this week.  We piled about 2 feet of snow on top of the couple of inches left from the storm the weekend before (Mr. Pea’s journey north to grad school featured train trips threatened by snow at either end).  I think it looks pretty, if crazy; climbing into a snowbank created by the fall and the snowblower, I sank in up to my upper thigh.  I was laughing so hard, I didn’t care that I got snow in my boot.  These are some photos from the next day, when I walked around town.  Frankly, I like these kinds of winter walks: the sun is bright, and though it can be a maze at times (particularly when you walk along the shoveled sidewalk to the corner of the road, to find the corner unshoveled, and have to find a way out), it sure is a good workout, more like hiking.  Three good snowstorms in–and plenty of shoveling (but I like to shovel)–and I still am ok with winter.


Hmm, how to get out?

Snowbank up to dining room windows

Guess we won't be grilling soon.


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