Being honest

Folks, I have a confession.  Those of you who have been reading along for years (maybe there’s one of you out there!) might recall that for a while I posted regularly about weight loss–made lighter meals with lots of fiber and posted calorie counts, exercised frequently, and drank a lot of water.  I lost 25 pounds.  But when I stopped counting calories, I got lazier, particularly after we moved from one state to another and my emotional state, let’s say, wasn’t so pretty.  I was always open to at least one chow-down day a week, usually on the weekend, but they became more frequent; I found myself eating not until full but until stuffed, paying little attention most of the time to portion sizes.  I also stopped exercising regularly, mainly due to two bouts of vertigo, depression, and then, ultimately, laziness bred by excuses (it’s cold!  I’m tired!  It’s raining!).  I’ve put back on about 17 of those 25 pounds.  The clothes I bought for when I lost the weight don’t fit well, for the most part, anymore; the clothes I bought when I put back on a forgivable 7-9 pounds fit reaaaally tightly.

I’ve enjoyed the holiday season and its cookies thoroughly and have no intention of not enjoying myself on the weekend or the occasional pizza night; I also can’t stand the idea of counting calories again.  I tried last spring and found it so depressing, I quit quickly, even as I shed a few pounds.  So my new goals are as follows:

Exercise at least THREE days a week (starting small), at least half an hour a day.  It’ll be 40* tomorrow, so I’ll go out for a walk in the morning.

Eat ONLY WHEN HUNGRY, and eat reasonably.  Just because something is tasty does not mean I must consume mass quantities.  Besides, being stuffed is uncomfortable.

Swap out cookies, and add back tasty, healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit.  I got a food dehydrator for Christmas so soon I’ll be making my own dried fruit.  At any rate, I love those things, but stopped eating them.  Also, I’ll only eat them in reasonable quantities.

Drink water.  I’m moderately good at this.  I shoot for a low 32 oz a day and usually get somewhere around there.  I don’t like water, so this isn’t easy.  I do like seltzer, though, which helps!

Eat less cheese.  This is the hardest goal–I eat a ridiculous amount of cheese.  We eat a lot of vegetarian meals and many of them contain cheese.  This has to change.  I suspect it’s a big (ha) part of my problem.

These things don’t seem that hard and at worst, I’ll maintain the weight I’m at.  Today mom and I–after a last-hurrah decadent tapas dinner last night–shopped all over town and got in at least some walking (and fast walking, given how windy it was).  I got a new (old–resale!) pair of jeans that are a little snug now but with a couple of lost pounds will fit fabulously and tide me over until my Small Pants fit again.  (Capital letters makes it seem more formal and worthy a goal).  I’d like to lose ten pounds by March–a slow and seemingly easy goal.  Perhaps admitting this all so publicly and before the traditional January 1 resolution madness will help me achieve that goal, but we’ll see how it goes.


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  1. hey girl. try hot tea. i am not a big fan of plain water. esp in the winter. so i have been drinking TONS of hot tea. nothing added. just flat out tea. black, green, ginger. sometimes i mix. and lemme know how the food dehydrator goes. i wanna get one of those things. – tobi

  2. I think a lot of people have the same problem in the wintertime. Depression and lack of exercise is a really vicious circle. I agree that counting calories is not a great idea. I also agree that it’s better to work at lots of manageable changes instead of one big goal that seems unachievable and doesn’t help your self-esteem along the way. It’s all about creating a positive feedback loop.

    But what about 15 minutes daily exercise instead of 30 minutes three times a week? That’s the amount that researchers say makes the biggest difference in life expectancy, and it’s so much less of a burden if you do it every day, automatically.

    Good luck.

  3. I’m with you, Jen. I’ve had a very lazy year and a very tasty holiday season and now it’s time to get back to work. I’m grateful that I pretty much maintained through 2010 but now it’s time to start losing again. I’m going to start with 1200 cals a day on Sunday after I do the much dreaded weigh-in. I’d like to say “misery loves company” but I’m not miserable when I’m eating right and exercising and I know you’re not either. So we’ll just toast in 2011 as a healthier year with better food choices and more exercise!

    Love you!

  4. I figured aiming for 30/3x will allow me to avoid the days that are brutally cold/wet/I’m sick, etc.–I like to just go outside and hate exercise videos, but I suppose nasty weather means I’ll move faster in those 15! I actually counted calories today just to see where things fell in–it’s been a long time, but I clocked in just over 1200 (for a short person like myself, that’s the minimum I can eat and lose under a pound a week–any less and I’m not eating enough, any more and I don’t lose much at all!) and have an idea again of what things ‘cost’ in calories. Agreed on creating a positive feedback loop–and winter, for me, is the hardest time to create one! Back when I exercised all the time it felt weird to go without, and I liked it–so I have to get back to that place, eventually.

    I drink lots of tea, Tobi! Today I had decaf chai. I got some pomegranate green for Christmas, and there’s some plain green in the drawer, too. I consider every ounce water 🙂

    Thanks for all the support, guys!

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