Trying to Embrace Winter

Snow DriftI decided this year that I would try to accept and even embrace winter.  I usually begin to feel like I’m losing my mind to the cold and the dark by mid-January and definitely by February, when everything is gray and the snow is dirty and gross.  Embracing winter and its short days does not come easily to me, but I figured if I consciously tried, I’d be better off come those later days, happily ensconced inside rather than going batty with cabin fever.

Then this happened.  Snow!  Lots and lots of snow, which in and of itself I don’t mind.  In fact, it’s pretty, even as it drifts up to our windows.  And there’s something cozy about being snowbound, though we were snowbound all day yesterday.  It’s the multiple days of snow-boundedness that get to you. Especially when you lack proper food.  Oh, and your husband has to go to work anyway despite the treacherous roads.  And he’s leaving tomorrow for grad school.  And you don’t want to think about that because as happy as you are for him, it makes you feel a little lonely.  I think it’s the winter skies that reinforce that feeling.  See—super gray.Winter Sky

So I guess this is the first “Embrace Winter” challenge.  Despite the early blizzard (which did lead to a fun household march in the snow to the Chinese place on the corner for dinner last night) and the impending time to myself, I can use this time productively and reflectively (right?).  Lord knows I have enough work to do–a new class I feel really unsure about next semester, planning and reworking older classes, and an article that needs serious revision before I forget what it’s even about, plus meetings that start in about a week–and so perhaps if instead of trying to rush through winter, I accept its presence, its gray, its slowly lengthening days, and if I try  to take walks to work off all those holiday eats and feel the cold on my cheeks, well, maybe it’ll be ok.

But I’m keeping these lights up until March, in case I need some cheer. Lights in Kitchen


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