Learning to needle felt

New friend from new hobbyI decided a couple of days ago that I wanted to learn to needle felt.  After seeing the tiny animals Blair’s daughter made over at wisecraft, I thought I’d give it a go.  I found a local yarn shop, Creative Fibers, not super far from my house that sold the needed supplies–wool roving, needles, and foam block–and, since I have little to no patience, got in the car.  By last night on my first try I had most of this penguin together.  Today I re-did his face so he’d look more like a penguin and less like Eddie Munster, with his widow’s peak haircut.  I hope to make a whole flock of these guys to be this year’s holiday ornament gift.  Last year, I made Danish-inspired felt birds; the year before, patchwork birds. I’m not sure how to make him an ornament yet–where to put the hanging thread?–but I’ll figure something out.

If you’ve ever thought about needle felting, I suggest you try it!  The upfront investment wasn’t a whole lot, and the quick payoff–voila!  penguin!–pretty exciting. I followed the basic felting instructions that came with my stuff, and these particular instructions from

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