Hmm, skirt.

But this angle looks good! From this angle, this skirt, I think, looks pretty good.  It’s that one I told you about a week or so ago, the one cut from a totally inaccurate pattern I drafted.  I added a strip of cotton, as you can see, to make up for the narrowness of the cut skirt but the hips on what remained were a disaster.  One side–the side with the strip–I recut and was able to smooth out.  It works well because the seam runs the length of the skirt, pulling any remaining bumps out.  The other side, however, the one I’ve hidden here, is what bugs me.  It has the zipper and the slit, and though I might be obsessing, I don’t think it’s that pretty.

Also, I have short legs.  So when I show you the whole length…Wool skirt I'm on the fence about.

Yeah, I don’t know.  Does it look like an ill-fitting wool box to you?  Does that zipper side look really wonky?  Am I spending too much time starting at photos with bad flash, posing in ill-fitting tank tops?  I think that might be true, but any sewing wisdom is definitely welcome here…


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  1. The picture looks good but like you said, we can’t see the side that you’re questioning. Are they the same types of fabric?

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