Winding down

Sure sign fall is coming--all the helicopters fall off the maple trees.While I was walking yesterday–something I’m trying to do every day again, now that the chronic heat and humidity seem to have ended and a summer of not walking and daily ice cream eating has caught up with me–I started seeing the signs that fall is coming.  I’m ok with that.  Ever since I was small I preferred fall to summer, but it’s still bittersweet.  Good-bye, lazy schedule.  Good-bye, working when I felt like working.  Welcome, lots of meetings.  Welcome, endless grading.  But also–and actually truly, not facetiously–welcome, new students, eager to learn.

Bittersweet, it is, but I look forward to the colder nights, sleeping without a fan (though ours does help cover up The Cackler next door).  Already it’s dark at 8:30 instead of 9, and in the spirit, finding a block of frozen pumpkin I’d forgotten about til I found it cleaning out the freezer when it croaked last month, I made pumpkin bread.  So long, blueberry and strawberry bread; welcome back, cozy spicy pumpkinness.  And even though it’s about 85 today, the beating of the sun on the dining room has eased from earlier this season (which is why I can sit here and write, and maybe finish up some syllabi), and before long we’ll want sweatshirts when we go outside.

Oh no--an orange tree already?  There's always an early one.All that said, this still freaks me out: the lone early-turning tree, already half-orange.  It’s always the first to drop its leaves, too, which is, for me, a much less-welcome sign.  Though I’m getting better at accepting winter for what it is–seemingly endless!–and which makes my favorite season much more precious by its brevity.


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  1. So beautifully said! And how ironic..I found a block of pumpkin in the freezer a few days ago! I haven’t done anything with it but it’s in the back of my mind for a “what will I bring with me?” treat!

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