Better! A-line skirt made with vintage towel

Skirt made with vintage Hawaii towelPardon the awful flash.  The long mirror in our house is in a dim hall, so that’s the best I could do, short of getting Mr. Pea to wield the camera.  Which I could’ve, but didn’t, do.

This skirt is based on another one in Sew What? Skirts.  The one in the book uses a vintage tablecloth; I, on the other hand, had only a vintage dishtowel–a Hawaii towel, ca. 1950s/60s, that I found at an antique shop last weekend.  So I made it the top layer of the skirt’s front, with a dark red underskirt/back.  It looks a little like an apron, but I like it, anyway.  I cut this pattern too big–I seem to have a hard time customizing to my own measurements–but too big is way easier to fix than too small.  A few new side seams and I was in business.  Hawaii, the 50th state, and my second skirt this summer.

Except for finishing the wool skirt pictured yesterday (I fixed my lump and buckle problem and now just need to hem and put a waist on the thing), I think this is my last major project of the summer.  I still have one syllabus to start, lots of documents to find, online portions of classes to create.  Ah, summer.  You were awfully hot this year and I am looking forward to sweaters and oatmeal, but I will miss the flexible schedule!


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