Mmm, veggie gratin

Heavenly Veggie GratinWhat I love so much about this gratin is that it is home-grown, which is pretty exciting.  I made it for lunch earlier this week and it contains a yellow squash I grew, tomatoes I grew, and an eggplant my parents grew.  Underneath it is an onion I grew, and alas, a fennel bulb grown somewhere in California.  But hey, that’s pretty good!  This is a heavenly gratin, bursting with flavor.  In fact, it tastes like summer, summered covered with a layer of panko and parmesan.  Oh, and butter.  So you can’t go wrong there.

This dish is a smaller version of the one here at Ciao Chow Linda, which I highly suggest you try at home.  We ate it with a little orzo and some homemade ricotta.  The milk wasn’t going to be drained by anyone anytime soon, but cheese always disappears quickly in these parts.

I grew these!  All heirloom varietiesI wanted to share this photo with you, too, as I just think it’s pretty.  It’s one of our new dishes (after a number of our mismatched and kinda ugly dishes cracked, I caved and bought a new set at Ikea) filled with little heirloom cherry and paste tomatoes from our garden.  The red ones are plum, but a tinier plum than any I’ve ever seen.  The yellowy orange ones are sungold cherries, and the dark ones are some kind of black cherry.  Really, they’re just purply.

Tonight, we’re making this tomato tart from David Lebovitz’s website.  We have two glorious tomatoes–an Early Girl and a yellow heirloom variety–plus more of these little guys.  Should be tasty.


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