Much better, and with tomato salad

Summer saladTonight’s dinner was infinitely better than last night’s, and today itself was miles ahead of yesterday.  The weather, as Mr. Pea noted, reminds us that summer can be pleasant.  It was pretty dry, sunny, and around 87*–you didn’t feel like you were swimming by simply going outside.  The steady breeze was refreshing and lovely.  I felt like a new person, vastly improved over yesterday’s overtired crankmonster.

Dinner featured this little tomato salad, which you really only see the remains of in that photo.  I went to the farmer’s market today and bought the tomatoes (though we got our first nearly-red tomato off the vine in the garden today for the first time in 2 years!–we’ll eat it tomorrow), and the guy working the stand tossed in a free one for me.  I added to it the few cherry tomatoes I’d picked from our plants (more are coming, including the black cherries.  Oooh.), and sliced up a half-cuke that I picked the other day from the garden.  The onion is from the farmer’s market, as I’m not pulling up mine til they cure!  For this lovely little salad, because the ingredients are all at the peak of flavor, I just added a generous sprinkling of salt and about 1.5 T olive oil and red wine vinegar.  I had four mid-size tomatoes (the size of a smallish plum tomato) and four cherry tomatoes.  You can adjust your seasoning and dressing according to however much you have.  Then just let the salad sit in the fridge half an hour before dinner for the flavors to meld, and your reward will be much greater than the amount of effort you put in!

EnchiladasTo go with the salad I  made enchiladas, loosely based on this one at Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  I made the enchilada gravy–a Tex-Mex speciality she found from Homesick Texan and one I’m pretty sure I made from there a while ago.  I didn’t have corn tortillas, as Whole Foods was cleaned out of them and didn’t even have any in the back.  I used flour tortillas.  The filling consisted of about 1 c or so of shredded cheddar, the equivalent of a can of beans (I soaked black beans and cooked them a month or so ago, then froze them in 1.5 c amounts), the remains of a bean and corn salad Mr. Pea got at WF yesterday for lunch, and the last sausage and a half from a pack I’d bought at the farmer’s market a week ago and froze.  These were fabulous and I wish I could remember the farm–beef sausage with fennel, cilantro, cumin, garlic.  Yum.  I packed the tortillas full, rolled them, put them in a gravied dish, poured the rest of the gravy over and baked at 450* for 10 minutes.  I let them set for 5 before I told Mr. Pea dinner was ready.  We had some corn chips on the side and were much happier than we were last night.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I made for dessert…


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