Today was a hard day

Our fridge gave out at 2 o’clock this morning.  I woke up as Mr. Pea jumped out of bed, and heard a really awful, loud sound.  I thought at first it was the cat, but he’d have to be tiger-sized to be that loud.  We tried to soothe it, but the fridge was mad.  So we unplugged it.

I barely slept after that, dozing off finally a little before 4, had a few nightmares, endured the cat climbing near my face and stepping on my bladder.

Mr. Pea was hellbent on keeping the schedule he’d planned for himself the night before and I woke up again as he got out of bed, this time with a lot less rush, at 5:58 to go run.  He’s a trooper.  He knows running is good for him and makes him happy so he makes sure to do it.  I feel that way about walking, but rarely go if it’s warm, sticky, coffee is available, I’m tired–you name it.  But once he was gone, I went to the basement and dug out our neighbor’s big cooler (we have only a tiny one that fits, as Mr. Pea put it, two drinks and two sandwiches).  I then put on a sweatshirt, called public safety at my university to make sure my building was unlocked, packed all the stuff from our freezer (somehow miraculously still frozen despite overnight kitchen temps in, at least, the upper 70s) into bags, and went to my office building.  I stuffed our freezer there full of our freezer stuff here.  I got back in the car about 6:30, got coffee at Starbucks since we had no dairy now, and got two bags of ice at the gas station next door.  I came home, filled the cooler with ice and stuffed it with fridge stuff.  Mr. Pea found another cooler and between the two, our fridge’s contents were stored.  We ate breakfast, he went to work, and I cleaned out the fridge of all the oddball stuff–half-jars of old relish, for example, and long expired Hershey’s syrup–loaded the dishwasher, washed the rest, took out the recycling, annnnd that was pretty much it.

For the day, I mean.  And it was only about 10:30.  After that I petered out, bored, hot, tired, cranky waiting for our co-landlord to come check out the fridge, and cranky anticipating how much longer it could be til the fridge was fixed.

I had only started to work on rewriting lecture 2 of my US history course when it got dark, dark, dark.  Storms.  The TV reception became poor.  Our landlord got home and wanted to work on the fridge, telling us the area was under a series of tornado warnings.   As we got ready to check out the fridge’s troubles, his phone rang–his wife’s car had been crushed by a tree.  Clearly she is having the worst day, but I really feel for her.  Because more storms were coming, we worked on the fridge until they passed through the area and he could get her home safely.

Knock on wood, the fridge seems to work.

In the meantime, a neighbor whom I’d asked to freeze my old ice cream bowl for giggles–this is after, remember, I’d ordered the new one, which came in today–reported it froze up solid.  The problem seems to have been the freezer itself, which was not doing well, likely because of the same problem (dying fan) that made all the racket this morning.  At least I hope so.  Now I’m the proud owner of TWO ice cream freezer bowls and feel bad for having chewed out the Cuisinart lady.  I’m gratified that I’m right–I, um, hate to be wrong–about the freezer having been the problem, a theory I’d thrown out a couple of times–but sad I had to spend $35 for no reason.

Then I had to throw out a whole sack of potatoes as one rotted in the bag and made the whole bag gross.  This should have been a sign that dinner would not go well.  I had beef sausage and corn left for the meal–out of butter, I slicked the corn with olive oil and threw it on the grill.  Know what we got?  Gross corn that tasted like burned olive oil.  Corn got tossed, save the ear I choked down, and I have thrown out an awful lot of food today.  I really, really hate it when that happens.

So what’s the moral of today’s story?  I think there’s a few.  One, today was not a great day, but clearly could have been worse.  Two, don’t put olive oil on corn for the grill.  Yuk.  And three, if you’re super productive in the morning, let that be it, if that’s it.  Four, having neighbors–good neighbors, ones who live in the same house, who don’t mind if you steal their coolers and will help you fix your fridge and test your freezer bowl theories–are a godsend. And last–know when to call out for pizza.


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  1. For future reference, best way to grill corn is to leave the husks on. You get that great smoky flavor and the corn basically just steams itself inside the husk.

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