Zucchini Season

Zucchini PancakesI braved the unholy heat today, folks, to give my little garden a water and pick the first zucchini.  I love the first fruit off of any plant–even the first edible lettuce leaves make me happy and proud.  While I rarely seem able to grow more than a few zucchini a season, most of you, I know, become inundated.  I hope to freeze some of mine–and my summer squash–should I suddenly have oodles of them, but in the meantime they sure are tasty in pancake form.  These particular pancakes were made with a farmer’s market zucchini, but you get the idea.

Veggie pancakes are like latkes and can be made with pretty much whatever you have on hand.  I’ve made these with sweet potatoes, for example.  The trick is to not add too much flour–allow the mix to be a little loose, rather than tightly bound with the stuff, or else you get gummy pancakes.  I made these twice last week, since I’ve been feeding only myself and they’re better the first time around rather than reheated.

You’ll need:

One zucchini, grated on a box grater and squeezed of liquid
1/2 onion, given the same treatment
3 T of flour, give or take
salt and pepper
an egg
a little cheese (I used ricotta salata here, but I often use mozzarella)

Mix your grated stuff together with seasonings. Crack egg and mix in. Add just enough flour to bind it a little, and stir in cheese. Heat up a nonstick skillet over medium heat; add enough olive oil to give it a little coat. When hot, form loose pancakes with your hand, flattening them a bit on the pan. I think I got 6 cakes out of one good-sized zuke. Fry on both sides 4-5 minutes each until browned. Deeelicious.


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