New project…

Space cleared for new project to begin!Mr. Pea informed me the other night that he liked the new chair fabric, as he’d seen it on the blog.   I was surprised–I thought he was more or less incommunicado, save email–no facebook or any of the usual distractions.  So I can’t tell you here what today’s project is.  It’s a big ol’ surprise.  But as you can see here, my dining room is in disarray.  Table moved, books stacked, chairs against the wall.  It’s one of hte two major projects I hope to do before Ben comes back, the other one being the stripping add repainting of the black rocking chair you can see on the right.  The soy-based paint stripper is on its way from New Hampshire, so I might start it later this week.  Or not, since the gorgeous weather of yesterday, today and tomorrow is going to give way to mid-90s and humid.  Not great paint stripping weather!

I haven’t told you much about the community garden this year–next time I go, I’ll bring the camera.  My plot might be the weediest in town thanks to the time I spent away, but my heirloom squash plants I grew from seed are humungous.  I’ll have to show you.


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