I need to make a decision

New Chair cover?Please help!  You see, when I bought the fabric for the rocking chair in the last post, I also bought some new fabric for the table’s chairs.  It matched the rocking chair fabric well, but lo, I think it matches the dining chairs themselves a little too well. The dominant color in the pattern is the same color as the chair itself.  D’oh.  So here’s my question for you (and pardon the flash–it’s a dim morning)–  Do I cover the chairs like this, with the leafy print alone?

Or, do I add a band of contrasting fabric, like the red I used for the rocking chair?  Or maybe you’d like to suggest another color….Or add band?

There’s an option 3 that I don’t really want to consider, too–repainting the chairs, maybe just white or something.

What do you think?

4 responses »

  1. Then you can get to CT and do it yourself 🙂 I sanded all four chairs of this heavy black paint a few years ago, then did two layers of prime, two layers of green. I’m in no rush to do it again!

  2. I think I’m happy with my dining chairs, but hey, you want to refinish the rocking chair, you’re more than welcome. I’m tired from the many projects of the last week!

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