Slip Covering

TuesdayHi there!  You remember Tuesday, friendly household cat?  He’s sitting there on the Ugly Glide Rocker.  The chair itself was a scavenge, care of Mr. Pea’s mother.  She never does that kind of thing but surprised us all when she came home with this one day, lifted from someone’s sidewalk.  It’s comfortable, but I always disliked the covering.  You can see it ok here–a piney green with flecks of red and white, patterned in black.  I couldn’t wash them, as they were quilted to the foam.  Tuesday destroyed much of the seat, since his claws pick up the little threads and pull.   This chair became (for me) increasingly an eyesore.  But yesterday I dropped off Mr. Pea for his trek to grad school and in my little trip home (a little sad, I admit), I stopped at Joann’s to peruse the decor fabric choices.  I was looking something that would pick up the mustard yellow walls and complement but not match the red curtains, which you can see here:
New valances

I also wanted to come up with something to re-cover the dining room chair cushions, which have had it thanks to all kinds of spills, pizza hands (not mine–our niece’s, years ago), sticky velcro, etc.  Also, they didn’t really match this dining room.  So for the rocking chair, I made this:
New covering for ugly chair!What do you think?  I really like it, and it wasn’t too hard.  I began by using my seam ripper to get the old covers off the foam (the foam I will one day replace–just not now, since I don’t have a power saw).  Then I turned those covers inside-out and placed them on the fabric.  I cut around the old pieces carefully, then cleaned up the messy edges and sewed!  The new covers fit ok but not right, exactly–the ties were off and they were a little big–so this morning I fixed those problems and whip-stitched the back seams (or, bottom seam) closed.  Voila.  Two hours was all it took, and it might as well be a new chair.

This is only stage one of Make Dining Room Prettier.  Stage two will be the chairs for the table; stage three is a little…bigger.  You’ll have to wait and see!


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