Crawling out of my hole.

Hi, new readers!  I don’t know where you’ve all come from but there seems to be suddenly a lot of folks happening by.  Hello.  How are you?  It’s nice to have you.  I know it looks like I don’t come by here anymore–I’m definitely not a compulsive blogger these days.  But this is the busiest semester I’ve ever had.  I’ve spent an average of two nights a week at school and have been putting in days well over 12 hours at the office on a regular basis, nevermind how many more hours I’m putting in at home.  Helping organize two major spring events meant that I put all my paper grading aside, and that’s come back to haunt me.  I have 20.5 papers to grade today, and then the bulk will be done.  There are a few stray papers turned in yesterday for another class–a few more will come in tomorrow–but overall, once I get through the big stack I’ll be in a happier place.  Considering I had about 100 papers to grade this time last week, I’m doing pretty well.  Next week brings final exams, anxious students, stacks of bluebooks.  I don’t mind the bluebooks, though–they’re a sign of the summer to come.  I hope to get into the garden plot this weekend–the community garden was opened last week, but alas, I spent Saturday at work all day and Sunday it rained–and my seedlings are getting ready for the transition.  They still have a few weeks of inside growth–and I haven’t even started cucumbers yet–but it’ll take me that long to rake in compost, put up the fence, and pass the last likely frost date.

Until next week, then, I’m going to stay quiet.  I’m hoping, though, to take on some sewing this weekend.  I’m not sure what, but I’m excited at just the thought of it!


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