Just what I wanted

Completed bedroom!This weekend I had some time to do something for me, and I spent that time putting the finishing touches on my bed.  I showed you the quilt (in terrible lighting) a few weeks ago–now you can see, too, that we’ve hung up a print we received for Christmas above the bed, and I made some pillows to complete the ensemble.  I am so much happier with this bedroom now.  It’s colorful and cheery, and doesn’t seem beige and bland at all!

Here’s a close-up of the pillows:New pillows from quilting scraps and an old bed pillow

They were made from a pattern I sketched out on notebook paper–three simple rectangles patched together for the front, and two overlapping rectangles for the back.  Each back rectangle featured a hemmed edge (so they overlap cleanly) and the two pieces were pinned to the front section, once it was sewed together.  A few minutes later, voila–pillow covers.  The fabric was in my stash–remnants from the quilt itself.  The brown linen you can see was strips and sashing; the blue was what I used for the binding, and the yellow paisley is what covers the back.

The best part about this project is that I used an old bed pillow for the inserts.  It was flat in the middle–I bought a new one months ago, and the old one just sat on the floor for the duration.  Last weekend I used a pair of scissors to slice it in half as cleanly as possible, and I simply shoved each half into a casing.  It was a little messy with fuzzies everywhere, but it cleaned up easy enough.  I was glad to rescue the pillow from the landfill and really pleased with how these turned out.  Plus I put a tiny dent in my stash!  Always a plus.


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