Boy, since the semester has begun I have become a terrible blogger.  Folks, it’s been crazy.  So many students, too many committees, I’m a tired pup.  I’ve been buried under papers for the last couple of weeks–this is partly my fault, as I didn’t do, say, a few a day to ease into them–instead I’ve been grading furiously since last weekend in an effort to turn them all back tomorrow.  Thirty-three went out yesterday.  Tomorrow, I need to have finished 22 more 3-to-5 pagers, and ten 1-2 pages, and a few stray random assignments.  Oh, and I need to figure out how to have a Skype conversation between an old friend of mine and my whole class.  I forgot to call AV about it til today.  Might just be us arrayed around my laptop.  I haven’t had time to think about it.  Frankly, I should go to bed now so I can get up super early, grade, finish reading for the morning class and prep discussion, And drink a gallon of coffee.  Alas, I have no coffee beans ground (grinding in the morning is a project that involves moving the grinder and beans to another room and covering the whole getup with a blanket several times over to muffle the sound), and the cat, once I’m up, has taken to hounding my husband til he gets out of bed, too, and gives Senor Furry some treats.  That’s the academic life, folks.

Cooking has been pretty minimal lately–we made a stirfry on Monday I posted here a long time ago–https://sweetpeacooks.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/chicken-and-edamame-stir-fry/

And last night I quickly made some granola, modified from this basic recipe–https://sweetpeacooks.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/very-very-good-granola-and-thoughts-on-my-own-impatience/

And we ate some pasta tossed with frozen pesto from last summer, frozen peas, some chopped spinach, and some sauteed onions.  Tasty.

I’ve been using a food diary–you’ve seen me go through this before if you’ve been around here awhile!–to try and lose a few pounds I put back on.  It’s going ok, but willpower isn’t my strong suit this time around.  I had more motivation to lose 27 two years ago than I do now to lose this ten.  I’ve dropped a pound and a half in the past two weeks, so that’s ok (I’m only five feet tall, so really, this is just fine for me).  I figure I put it on slowly so if it comes off a half pound a week, then that’s fine, too.  I’ve been exercising again (except for today–no time, no time!  and likely not tomorrow, either.  Ugh), and feeling generally pretty healthy and eating pretty well, and as long as I can fit into most of my clothes (that’s the kicker–my cute pants from when I was at my thinnest a couple summers ago don’t fit so well now), well, that’s ok, too.  I like me as I am, curves and squishy and all, and I like going out to eat and enjoying myself.  If I lose the ten pounds by August, then that’s dandy.  I do miss my brown dress pants 🙂


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