French Cassoulet

Cassoulet, with turkey sausageI have really become an inadequate blogger lately.  Posts have been rare!  Frankly, work has been insanely busy, and my regular non-work life also busy, so I haven’t been doing a whole lot for just yours truly.  I haven’t done a whole ton of cooking, either, certainly very little that’s new.  This week, though, I made a big pot of cassoulet, a French bean stew prepared with some kind of meat and a slew of vegetables.  The recipe is one from Mark Bittman–he provides two variations in his book Food Matters–one a quick version, made with canned cannelini beans, and one a slower version made with dry.  Since I had dry beans, I went with that, and we were rewarded at 7p with a delicious, hearty stew paired with some beer bread.  What’s nice is that the cassoulet is very, very healthy, too, which is good for a gal like me who fell off the counting calories/eating well wagon almost as soon as I’d gotten back on.  French fries, it’s all your fault.

So if you have the February blues and have resigned yourself to the chilly air and gray days, make yourself a pot of cassoulet.  It’ll warm you through, and makes about 6+ servings, so you’ll be eating it for days.

Here is the link to Bittman’s recipe.  My variation included using mild Italian turkey sausage for meat, cabbage for veg, using one onion (forgot to buy some more) and celery seed for actual celery (again, forgot to buy).  I also didn’t measure the tomatoes–last summer I froze bags of tomatoes that weighed 28 oz each, the equivalent of a big can.  I just thawed out a bag and tossed it in.  I used water, not stock or wine, dried herbs, and forgot the cayenne.  With all those forgotten items and corners cut, it was still marvelous!


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