10 things before I’m 40, Part I.

I like it when bloggers participate in list-making memes.  I’m a list maker.  I like to make shopping lists, to-do lists for me and for others, lists for my students.  Listing is fun.  In the interest of that, I’m going to make a list of ten things I want to do in the next 8.5 years, before I turn 40.  I’m up to number 4 and already getting stuck.  Guess I’m much more of a pragmatic person than a dreamer!  Maybe I’ll do this in parts I and II.

1.  Buy a house with land enough for a garden and a clothesline.

2.  Get tenure.

3.  Go back to Europe.

4.  Learn to play a new instrument, preferably a banjo or mandolin.  Tax refund=banjo?

5.  Become a better cheesemaker, moving into more than just ricotta and mozzarella.  Chevre!  Neufchatel!  Cheddar!

6.  Uh…

On an unrelated note, I didn’t realize when I fell in love with it that Hem’s ‘Half Acre’ was on a record called Rabbit Songs–Pandora had it as part of some project with another band.  Deep regret!  Should have bought all of Rabbit Songs.  I’m enjoying my “you get to listen to this for once for free” on lala, and know I want to listen to it again.


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