Seeds! (Coping with Cabin Fever)

I just ordered my spring seeds.  I’m trying to keep my readiness for spring gardening at bay, since the ground is still covered in snow and the groundhog, as always, has predicted six more weeks of winter.  But ordering seeds is a necessary step, right?  And one I can do from the warmth of my dining room, even as I peek out at the snow.

This year I went primarily with heirloom seeds.  None are organic, but I’m figuring that I’m splitting the difference, in some ways–they’re at least not GMO seeds, right?  And they’re fine old crops, tested in even-colder-than-here Vermont, so I have high hopes for them.  I figure I’ll still get tomato flats later, as the summer comes; for now, though, I’m thinking about creating a flourescent light rig in the basement to get these little guys started come March or April.

So what did I order?  I ordered two kinds of cukes–one especially for pickling, one for munching; two kinds of squash–a black zucchini and a winter, delicata; Giant Noble Spinach; tomatillos (I’m feeling adventurous); arugula and a French lettuce blend; Calabrese broccoli and Emperator carrots.  I also ordered a bunch of seeds for non-heirloom herbs such as basil, parsley, chives and sage, plus some flower seeds–marigolds and nasturtiums for the garden and home, and sunflowers to go by our rustic front fence.  Then I added peat pots to get them started in–last year I used plastic cups.  This year, I’m being a little more environmentally responsible.

I’m ready.  Come what may, late winter, I know spring’s around the corner.


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