I finished!

Quilt, now with added catA few days ago I finally finished the coin quilt I started back in the summer.  Maybe it looks just like the quilt top to you, but I assure you it is backed, bound, and contains lovely cotton batting in the middle.  Here you can see it spread on the bed, with Tuesday the cat posing for you.  He wouldn’t let me even stitch or pin the binding without climbing on it.  I guess it’s his quilt.

The quilt gives the bedroom a much-needed pop of color, which I’d been looking for since we moved it.  It was so…beige.  It’s a rainbow pattern, interspersed with additional blue coins.  The back, which isn’t pictured, is a golden yellow paisley.  The photos aren’t glorious because I had to use the overhead light, but I think you get the idea.  If the sun returns this week, I’ll take some better pictures.

QuiltHere it is full-length.  There’s a teal border–also hard to see.  I only quilted the vertical lines, using my mom’s Janome with it’s lovely quilting foot.  It took a few hours, but wasn’t nearly as intensive as if I’d, say, done all the horizontal lines as well (everything was uneven, so I didn’t, despite my best efforts).  Someday I’d like to do fancy free-motion quilting, but I went with something very basic for my first quilt.

I got a lot of help from Oh Fransson!, a quilting blog with really helpful tutorials.  I found the ones on the ‘quilt sandwich’ and binding especially useful.  I did all the ironing, quilt sandwich assembling, and pinning of the binding while watching episodes of Carnivale.  I’d already watched them some time ago so I didn’t have to pay too much attention, but it gave me something to do when I was frustrated and stuck!


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