“Half Acre,” my new favorite song

“Half Acre” by Hem is my new favorite song.  Here, you can listen to it.

Isn’t it stunning?  I picture a tough-as-nails but long-suffering woman, holding the deed to her place against all odds, like the women  in Dorothea Lange photos from the Great Depression.

My students learn these photos well.  Maybe next time I’ll set them to music, instead of me going on about the New Deal.

Dorothea Lange was herself a pretty tough cookie, hitting the road on behalf of the Farm Security Administration to demonstrate the plight of migrants heading there in hopes of a better life than that which they had in the dust bowl.  She thought they were being unfairly demonized by Californians and wanted to demonstrate their humanity.  Here she is at work, a pretty unusual woman in the 1930s:

She won a Guggenheim for her work, but left it behind to document the way in which Japanese and Japanese Americans were being treated as they were herded into internment camps.

In the song, I like the delicate mandolin that sets the tone, and the powerful, swelling chorus.  I’d like to learn the mandolin, but not nearly so much as I’d like to learn the banjo.  Sadly, these are likely to stay unrequited potential passions as there isn’t anyone in central CT to teach me, and used banjos are exceedingly rare.  My friend who recently moved to Nashville decided he might take lessons.  I guess I’ll live vicariously through him.

I have a cooking post for you, but my camera batteries croaked, so it’ll have to wait.  Off to make some kind of mish-mash dinner now–fish for Mr. Pea, which I promised to make more often as a Christmas gift, and I think eggs for me.  A little of this, a little of that.


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  1. i really love her photos they are so beautful and lovely to look at she is the best photographer i wish she was still alive, and doing more photos…..


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