This year’s ornament flock

from the flock of this year's ornamentsThis is one of the ornaments from this year’s flock.  Some of you who have read this blog awhile might remember last year’s birds–they were patchwork and really cute, if I do say so myself.  I made ten birds this year, and they were almost as much work as piecing those little guys from last year together.  This is only because I am a slow embroiderer.  I followed the basic plan for the birds from here, but used the patchwork pattern piece from last year (actually from this book), slightly modified, for the bird’s bodies.  They’re made out of inexpensive felt sheets from Michael’s (ten birds=two sheets=about $.70), and I went through 2.5 skeins of white embroidery floss, using three strands of floss for the embroidering and af full strand (6) for the loops.  The embroidery of each flower features a french knot (here’s a how-to) in the center and five (or six, or four, depending on my skills that day) modified lazy daisy stitches (tutorial) to make the petals.

The original I based this on had lovely green garland between the flowers, but when I tried that it got crowded, so I just went without.  I was thinking about Scandinavian paper cutting (and my favorite danish-themed pajama pants) when I made them, which is why they’re just red and white.


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