I’m glad I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner!

Yesterday I made calzones–they were lovely–but placed them each on an oiled cookie sheet (they were huge), which, when placed in the hot oven, smoked. Ew. Hot oil smoke smell is pretty vile, and it stuck around til today…

When I covered it with burning bread smoke, thanks to two apparently not-so-quick-cooking pork chops and a pan that got waaaay hotter than I thought. I really wanted a ham steak but wouldn’t spend the money at Whole Foods–now I have rapidly cooling potatoes and two chops in the oven. Oh, and a house that smells like smoke.

All I’m saying is that my friends and family should be thankful I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. We’d have a raw bird and some calcified sweet potatoes, or stuck mashed potatoes and vile stuffing 🙂 Some weeks are just like this–my cooking mojo somehow falls away and is replaced by Awkward in the Kitchen Girl.

Hopefully the cookie dough I just made will make lovely cookies, and I’ll be back on the tracks. Til then, happy thanksgiving! I have much to be grateful for this year–and a wonderful place in which to cook is the least of them. A wonderful spouse. A loving family. A job I love. A city I….am much better with this year than last year. Great neighbors (compared to last year, these guys are above and beyond fantastic). And a happy orange kitty. Happy cooking!


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  1. Hey everyone! . Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 🙂
    Thanksgiving is 1 of my favorite holidays, and each year I like to get into the mood-extend the holiday, when it were-by reading “Thanksgiving novels.” Of course, all these stories are mostly about family and friends, about coming together to heal old hurts and giving them thanks for the gift of love. … . -=
    Have You Been Currently Far better Off These days Than You Were two Years Ago?

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