Classic Favorites

I wanted to fill you in–though I haven’t posted a ton lately, I have been cooking, pulling recipes from the classics. Here’s a bit of a list–try one this weekend!

Pumpkin Bread (though in altered form–using a quarter cup oil, a little more water, no applesauce)
Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
Brussels Sprout Pasta
Wheat Batter Bread
DIY Rice-a-Roni
and a few others.

What are you cooking this weekend? Tonight I’m making the rice a roni with baked, breaded chicken and some roasted broccoli. Tomorrow, a new tortellini dish, as long as someone makes it to the store to pick up some parmesan. I’m off to the kitchen to bake the biscotti now, and make some bread for tomorrow.

FYI–I just noticed that in old posts, links to my other posts don’t work. Well, that’ll be a winter project.


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