Ugly But Tasty Squash and Sausage

Last night I made a recipe that was not very pretty to look it.  It was all in the same section of the color palette (beige, yellow, gray) and was served with more beige (roasted potatoes).  So I’m going to share with you the recipe, but not bother with photos, as they may just turn you off.


You’ll need:

1 spaghetti squash, sliced in half lengthwise
1 lb sweet (or hot) Italian sausage (I used turkey)
One onion, chopped
pinch of basil
salt and pepper

Start by cooking your squash. After slicing, I scooped the insides out of mine, placed a half cut side down in a baking dish, added a little water, and put in the microwave. About 10-12 minutes later it was done, and I proceeded with the other half. While the second one cooked and the first one cooled, I added some olive oil to a pan on medium high heat and added the sausage, which I squeezed out of the casings. I cooked this until done, browning it up a little, and then put it in a bowl. As the sausage cooked, I scraped out the ‘spaghetti’ from the squash with a fork. I added a little more oil to the pan then sauteed an onion. To this the squash was added, warming it through (though it was actually still pretty hot), using its liquid to scrape up the brown bits on the pan’s bottom, and letting it brown a smidge. Then I added back the sausage, a little pepper (Whole Foods’ turkey sausage is really salty, so I didn’t add any extra), and a pinch of dried basil. I stirred to combine a few times, and that was dinner.

It was really tasty and hearty along with some roasted potatoes–all you need for that are a few potatoes (I did 4 medium russets) scrubbed and cut into chunks; I put them into a shallow casserole dish, doused them with a little olive oil, garlic powder (whenever I use real garlic it burns, so I use powder for my taters), coarse salt and pepper. Bake in a 400* oven, about a half an hour or until they’re soft throughout and you can pierce them easily. I try not to stir them so at least one side gets a nice crunchy crust.


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