Appreciating the Small Things

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this past weekend–there was a death in my family, a wedding in Mr. Pea’s, a half-marathon, a nor’easter, a college ceremony, a bit of a revival of the vertigo, and a knock to the head thanks to my parents’ dog. Seriously–this was Thursday through Sunday. I did not cook–who had time? But such chaos made me reflect on small things, and how much we take them for granted when our lives seem to spin out of control.

I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music–sometimes because it’s soothing, sometimes because it suits my mood.
I really want to bake something.
I saw lots of family I hadn’t seen in a decade, easily, last week, which was really nice despite the somber circumstances.

Molly over at Mommycoddle, one of my favorite blogs, had a piece recently on appreciating the normal. Our average everydays seem pretty dull sometimes–but we miss them when they are replaced with zaniness. So, she says, we should try and appreciate the ordinary days, to notice them, to enjoy them for what they are, as there are more of them than any others and we suffer when they leave. You can read it here.

I also started reading an interesting blog last week called Small Measure. It’s written by Ashley, who lives in the hills of North Carolina and really embodies a do-it-yourself ethos that I appreciate, even if I can’t quite do as much as she does. She’s got some great posts on sustainability, cooking, canning, baking, sewing. I’ve been reading through the archives in the last few weeks, particularly those from colder months that make me want to finish the coin quilt so I can snuggle under it.

So those are my thoughts for today. I’m hoping to bake my sugar pumpkins this week so I can make some pumpkin bread, or maybe a pumpkin custard. It’s that time of year and I feel behind the curve. But that’s ok. I’ll show you my freezer soon–all those veggies from the seasonal market have it stuffed to the gills. More later this week!


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