Two things

One:  I have found a blog (new to me, but around for a while) full of delicious baked goods.  It has gorgeous photography and delicious recipes.  Here, go peek at <a href=””>Pete Bakes!</a>

Two:  I love that my stats always shoot up on Sundays.  It seems to mainly be because I’ve blogged about Spoon Roast, one of those unusual names for a cut of meat you can’t find everywhere, and thus not frequently written about.  Every Sunday, a bunch of folks come here looking for help with their roasts.  To them I say, “Hi there!  Good luck!” and once they’ve made their roast, I hope they come back so I can ask, “Isn’t it delicious?  It makes a great topping, thinly sliced, on pizza!”  I like being a part of that warm fuzzy Sunday dinner prep.  I think most people, if they make 1 serious meal a week, make it on Sunday, and I like that I get to share in that process with perfect strangers.

Happy Sunday!  I’m only making tacos tonight, I think, but I’ll be back with recipes next week.  On tap?  Apple bread, using some of the bounty we picked last weekend.


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