The Coin Quilt: Top Completed

Quilt TopThis week I finished the quilt top for the Coin Quilt I started a while ago.  I really like it.  It makes me want to snuggle in for the winter.  I think I might end up using it as the bed covering, rather than folded at the bottom, as I like the punch of color in the room so much.  You can see the rainbow pattern I created in the rows in this photo; I’m using a chocolate-brown linen blend for the sashing.  The rows aren’t nearly as even as I’d planned, as I evidently forgot what I was using for a seam allowance on multiple occasions.  But that’s ok–I didn’t expect to make a perfect quilt.  The bottom was horribly uneven so I trimmed it as best I could and am hoping for the best when it comes to actually assembling it.  I am terrified of assembling it.  The last one did not go well.  I think I might recruit my mom for the job–she also has a machine with a quilting foot, which will surely make it all easier.


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