The New Year and September Resolutions

Pardon my silence, dear readers. I went back to school last week–back to classes, students, advisees, committees, meetings, oh my! And my brain was so full, I didn’t bother to cook much that was new or which required more than boiling a pot of water. I love going back to school, but it’s always a little shock to the summer-sleepy system. I like the feeling of a new year, and September to me, as the temperatures drop and the days shorten, as the leaves turn red and fall to the ground, is more of a new year season than January ever does. Plus, my birthday takes place in that first week of September, so it’s a new year all around.

This year, I turned 31. A friend had told me 31 seemed weirder and was harder than 30 but frankly, I didn’t notice a difference. My birthday came midway through what was an unusually good week, though, and it got me thinking–maybe I should make new year’s resolutions every September, rather than in January, when I never bother, anyway. So here are my resolutions:
1. I will try to live more in the current moment, rather than putting too much pressure on the future (to be either great or bleak, depending on my mood) or the past.
2. I will try to be more trusting, particularly of the universe at large.
3. I will try every day to remember things I am grateful for.
4. I will try to be more patient.

There, those are some decent resolutions, I think. Happy new year!


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