What did you put up this summer?

Spiced peach jam with zinniasThis is the last batch of jam for the summer.  It’s spiced peach jam, based on a recipe from the University of Georgia extension.  I made a half-batch, or four half-pints, from the peaches I picked last week or so ago at Dondero Orchards in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.  And that’s all she wrote.

So all told, here’s what I put up this summer:

4 half-pints of spiced peach jam

3 pints blueberry jam (one of which was lost when a seal didn’t hold.  I’ve never seen that happen before).

4 pints (I think) “strawberry jam

1 quart frozen strawberries

1 quart frozen blueberries

2 loaves blueberry bread

3 loaves strawberry bread (already gone!)

2 loaves zucchini bread (also gone.  We like quick breads in this house)

1 quart frozen pesto ice cubes, made with basil from the garden

a few jars of pickles, which were a bust, as noted.  I might make some more, lest the fresh garden cukes go soft.  That’d be a tragedy of my own making!

Did you can anything this summer?  I’d hoped for tomatoes, but let’s not talk about that.  Instead, I’m pretty pleased with the bounty I was able to put by, even if the breads are already largely eaten.  It’s the most preserving I’ve ever done in a summer.  Now I’m looking forward to autumn’s apples and putting by a massive quantity of applesauce.  I could eat applesauce every day.  Maybe I will.


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    • Well, you’ve got a little one–that makes it a lot harder! When we canned upstairs, we put the neighbor’s 2 year old in his high chair just to make darn sure he didn’t get underfoot with all that hot sugar and boiling water…

      but it’s fun!

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