Pickle Update

We busted out a jar of the processed pickles (the one that lost all the brine in the waterbath–I stuck it in the fridge for safety’s sake) today.  They’re….ok.  I don’t think they’ll get much better with time.  They are crispy, which I was thrilled about, but they have a metallic under- and after-taste.  Each jar had an enormous amount of herbs and spices–2 T of mustard seed alone, per pint, in addition to dill seed and others.  I think that’s my issue.  The amount of spices–their depth–was what made it hard to pack the pickles in the first place, and my fluid is also very cloudy and dark from them; and I think they provide a little too much flavor.  I’m hoping to get enough cukes to do a different batch, with a different recipe.  Maybe  someday we’ll find the perfect pickle!


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