Strike 2 (in 9 years)

Gorgonzola and Zucchini RigatoniLast night I learned, to my horror, that Mr. Pea is not wild over gorgonzola cheese.  I learned this because he did not like dinner.  What?  How can this be?  This is only the second time in the nearly 9 years we’ve lived together that he hasn’t liked what I’ve made for dinner, so I was a little surprised.  Strike one–back, oh, in 2002, I’d guess–was when I first started really cooking on my own and made chicken piccatta but forgot to strain the capers, making the whole dish ridiculously briny.  But this is strike 2–pasta with gorgonzola and zucchini, via Serious Eats.

Now I did make one mistake when putting this dish together that might be responsible for Mr. Pea’s reaction (though, for the record, I liked it, which is good since there are a looot of leftovers I will have to eat.  No tossing–gorgonzola’s too expensive!).  I was supposed to add 4 oz of cheese.  I had a 6 oz container and got a little overzealous with it.  I put at least 5 oz in there.  This certainly would make some difference and the dish was likely more pungent than it was supposed to be.  But really, it’s a lesson learned.  Mr. Pea said, as he ate his peanut butter sandwich, that he’s never been that crazy over gorgonzola, especially in quantity–a little goes a long way for him.  Now I know.  Nice to know there’s still stuff to learn about a person after 15 years together!

For those of you who do like some pungent cheesy pasta, here’s the recipe:

Definitely, keep an eye on your cheese amount.  As the author notes, the pungency of the cheese should mellow.  In my case, it didn’t quite mellow enough!


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