The Coin Quilt

The last row!This here is the last row to be stitched for my coin quilt.  A coin quilt features long strips of pieced rectangles, separated by solid colors, and bound on all sides by the solid.  Some have coin borders, as well.  I’m keeping mine pretty simple–it has nine rows (I enlarged the pattern to fit my queen-sized bed), based on blue, and with a rainbow pattern.

Here’s the basic pattern:

I’ve also lengthened the rows for my bed.

Completed rows for coin quiltHere are some finished rows.  The color pattern I’m using goes like this:

2 brown/3 blue/3 red/3 blue/3 orange/3 blue–and so on, til a rainbow is completed.  The next row shifts, so

2 brown/3 blue/3 orange/3 blue–etc.  Once blue is the starting color, it goes back the other way so that the quilt has a V of rainbow colors.  Does that make sense?  I’m terrible at explaining things.  Well, when it’s sewn up, I’ll show you, and you’ll see what I mean.

The solid fabric I’m using is a linen/cotton blend, which should give it interesting texture and weight.  It came in today, and it’s a chocolate brown.  The idea is that the quilt can remain either folded at the foot of our bed, or open, and provide a punch of color to the room.  Not long ago I complained about my inability to make the bedroom cozy and colorful.  This was my (slow-moving) solution.


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