On Monday, after a slew of hot days and no substantial or new cooking, I thought it was high time to take some new garden photos and post about the things that actually *are* growing in there.  Chard.  Endless lettuce.  Carrots (I pulled a 3-incher today).  Basil.  Cucumbers (ate the first today–so much tastier than the supermarket!).  I got in our old Metro (a 2000 we bought in 2001), the one that lost the radio in the spring (jerks), and which I fondly call the gardenmobile.  I got gas (figures).  I went to the post office.  I pulled next to the garden….and “snap.”  The column shift has been feeling tight lately, and something gave way.  It wouldn’t park.  It wouldn’t restart.  And that was that.  I was even going to go to the park down the road and photograph some farm animals.  Um, no.  Thankfully, though, I’d thought to bring my cell phone and was able to call Mr. Pea, and the neighbor, who then found us a towing company, which got the ol’ girl home.  Our landlord is a mechanic and he worked on it so it was functional.  So today, i took it to work.  Then to the garden. And she felt reaallllly tight–I didn’t have a good feeling.  “Come on, old girl, just get us home,”  I said.  And she did.  And as I put it in park–or tried–there was the snap again.  Whatever the problem is, it’s in the transmission, and the repair is likely more costly than the car is worth.  Our trip home–with the cucumber, the tiny carrot, a zucchini, some chard and some basil–was probably her last.

And that’s where I have been.


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