Eating Garden Veggies: Ridiculously Yummy Pasta

Heavenly Pasta with Garden BroccoliThis pasta was one of those things that came together merely on a whim as we sorted out what, exactly, we had to eat in the house.  The broccoli–a medium-sized head–came from our garden.  There was one quickly over-ripening green zebra tomato (I think that’s what it’s called–it’s an heirloom variety I got at the farmer’s market).  There was some goat cheese.  And some bacon.  Huzzah.

First, I cut the bacon (six slices I’d thawed earlier) so that the big fatty ends were gone altogether as they just get chewy in something like this.  Then I chopped the rest into 1/4″ slices (the short way) and tossed it into a pan over medium heat.  I cooked it about five minutes til it was nearly done, then added a sliced onion (also from the garden!).  In the meantime, I brought a pot of salted water to a boil and added about 6 oz of rigatoni.  It was supposed to take about 8 minutes to cook, and I let it go for five before added the broccoli stems, and after a minute, the florets.  This let them cook just enough to soften up without being gross and squishy, or, alternately, undercooked.  I added all of this, after draining, to the skillet with the bacon and onion.  I tossed it around and added about an ounce and a half of goat cheese, which I stirred in to melt.  And that was about it.  I set aside some pasta cooking water in case I needed it to make a sauce, but the cheese did a fine job.  Marvelous–we ate the whole pot.


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  1. I love your it! Looks like delicious to me and Eating healthy and deliciously need not be mutually exclusive. Vegetables have a lot of inert flavor in them that you can let out if you cook them right. That said, there are lots of ways to cook veggies deliciously! Try the vegetable recipes at tanya’s site, I liked them!

  2. Thanks! That little bit of bacon goes a long way, too, to enhance a dish without contributing a lot of fat or calories. We harvested more this week–Mr. Pea made the rounds–so now that I’m back from vacation and family, I’ll have to come up with more recipes. Thanks for the link!

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