Cooking Garden Vegetables: pizza!

pizza pizza! The purple pepper I picked from our garden was a central feature of pizza we made late last week.  Purple peppers are funny–they’re green on the inside and taste a bit tarter than green ones usually do.  I don’t think the plant is going to give us a second pepper; it seems to have put all it’s energy into the first and is now exhausted.  So we enjoyed it that one evening (and the next day) as pizza topping, along with one of our own onions, sliced.

The crust I made this time was a different recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  She spread it out on a baking sheet, while I used my baking stone.  It puffed up insanely large–there was a lot of crust–so I might not use that particular recipe again for a stone-cooked pie.  Tasty, but a little too big.  The sauce was some I’d made before and frozen–this doesn’t exactly work well, as the sauce crystallizes when frozen and is watery when thawed–but it did the job.  After making the dough, I shaped it into a circle with uplifted hands and turning the dough so that it’s own weight would thin it out.  I placed this and reshaped it a bit on a cornmeal-covered pizza peel, dressed it, made sure it wasn’t stuck, and then slid the pizza onto a preheated peel in the 425* oven.  They only need about 12 minutes to bake.  It was a nice way to eat our pepper, and we had plenty of leftovers!


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