Harvest!  Wooohoo! Today I took what is really the first substantial harvest out of our garden. I’d been avoiding it a bit–there was rain to contend with, other things to do, and the dead tomatoes had really taken the wind out of my sails. But today I went back and was richly rewarded, although I am starting to think that instead of growing veggies cheaply, I’m working on growing the most expensive veg out there. The tomato loss is mostly responsible for that, but today we also lost our winter squash (not much to look at there anyway) to vine borers. I tore one plant out and saw the worm–came home and confirmed it. I’ll go back for the other later, before it, god forbid, spreads to my zucchini.

Anyway, today there’s the usual mountain of lettuce–I’ve been bringing enough home for us and the upstairs neighbors, as there’s no way we’ll get through it all before it eventually bolts. Two rows of lettuce go a long way. I was going to pick chard, but have no use for it today or tomorrow and Friday we’re out of town for a wedding. So I’ll wait. There’s a head of broccoli, which is pretty exciting. I think I’ll hold onto it for a stir-fry tomorrow. There’s a teeny tiny carrot. This thrilled me to no end. I’ve never grown carrots or seen them grown. This one was a stray that had seeded itself by the herbs, and I pulled it. It’s not big, but it’s orange and carroty and that makes me happy.

There’s also a nice pile of basil which I just turned into pesto and popped into the ice cube tray and into the freezer. There are also three! onions. Threeeeee! The whole field-now at I think 45-isn’t ready, but a couple had begun to tip and were clobbering other plants, so I pulled them. I’ll slice one to have on a pizza with that other veggie you see, the purple pepper. It hasn’t grown any lately, so I pulled it before it rotted. There are two others–the green-turning-yellow ones–that are nearly yellow, so another week and they should be ready. Hopefully. I also salvaged a few cherry tomatoes to see if they’ll shelf-ripen without blighting. We did get one sungold cherry that way. Yay. The $18 cherry tomato 🙂

How does your garden grow?


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