Working with bits in the fridge: the stir-fry

stir fry from odds and ends Working with leftovers and odds and ends, as we discussed recently, is a nice skill to have. It keeps you from going hungry some nights of the week, and keeps you from tossing out otherwise usable food.  Today the Mr. and I went to a Mexican place in town for lunch (finally, some delicious, authentic Mexican food, just over the Hartford border) and we really weren’t terribly hungry for dinner.  Mr. Pea works on Tuesday evenings so if we make dinner, we have to have it on the table by 5.  We feel like old people.  He had a sandwich (something rare in our house, but his mom gave us some cold cuts over the holiday weekend) and ran out the door.  I dawdled for an hour, finally felt hungry, and then scratched my head in front of the fridge.  There was food, but most of it was intended for meals later in the week.  This left me with almost a full serving of cooked, cold quinoa; a little red onion; half a zucchini (meant for a meal, but I’m taking it, anyway, I figured), and garlic.  We’re pretty much out of oil and have no butter, so this was going to be interesting.

I started by chopping my veggies and warming my pan; I added what little canola oil was left (maybe a half-teaspoon), and added a touch of sesame oil.  I added the veggies and stirred them about.  Impatient, I added a little water and covered the pan.  A few minutes later my zucchini was softened and everything was ready.  There were eggs in the fridge, so I beat up one of those, squeaked a little more oil out of the canola bottle, and added both to the middle of the pan.  I cooked the egg, pushed it aside, and added the quinoa, a good splash of soy sauce, a grind of black pepper, and stirred it all about.  The end result was actually delicious.  I haven’t made quinoa in ages–those of you who have been reading this a long while might recall I cooked it a lot when I was actively losing weight–but it has a nubby texture and is high in protein and fiber.  All in all, it was a great dish made from fridge odds and ends–I saved some stuff from getting tossed in the garbage, and myself from going for take-out I’d regret later!


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