Two days of sun makes for a happy garden

Our garden plot has been growing merrily along, despite the torrential rains we have been getting with frequency lately. New England was fortunate to have lots of sun on the 4th of July, and lots of sun on the 5th of July, and now it’s the 6th and it’s still bright….

This makes my garden very, very happy. Though part of it is still muddy (we’re at the bottom of a small slope and under a tree, so it takes a while to dry out), this has meant that we didn’t get super dry while we were away (some plots look a little baked). And because we grew most of our garden from seed or very small seedlings with no miracle gro or anything like that, our plants for whatever reason coped well with the water–I’ve seen rotted tomatoes; my parents’ garden has rotted squash, stuff that began to grow nice and early but croaked with the over-abundance of moisture. Our squash is just getting to the flower-bud stage, and while we might be the last to get zucchini, we’re not tossing any out now.

Here are some pictures from today’s visit:

Purple pepper.  It’s pretty cool.  Not organic or heirloom and grown from a transplant, but cool nonetheless.

purple pepper


Swiss chard finally growing larger.



This tomato plant, when we first planted it as a tiny transplant, was immediately chomped–from the top–by some critter.  It slowly grew and is now a massive bush, covered in flowers and a few tiny tomatoes.  It’s some kind of heirloom cherry variety, but I can’t remember which.


tomato, growing out of its cage already


Two brandywine tomatoes, growing much larger.

brandywine tomatoes


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