Community garden update

For those of you counting along, there are:

2 growing brandywine tomatoes
4 growing cherry tomatoes
9 huge tomato plants, including the one that got chomped right after planting
5 or 6 growing peppers
48…onions?  green onions?  One bolted and had to be harvested today–it didn’t form a bulb and was more like a green onion.  Weird.
LOTS of lettuce.  Constant salads!
Lots of growing spinach.  We put some on pizza this weekend.
Growing chard.
Growing carrots.  Does anyone know when I’m supposed to know/how I’m supposed to know
when to harvest them?
Three growing zucchini plants, finally getting some buds.  There were supposed to be four,
but chipmunks took the seeds.  Twice.  Little buggers.
Two growing winter squash.
5 happy hills of growing cucumbers.  
Zinnias and snapdragons.
And two broccoli.  


Pictures to come–I forgot the camera today!  Boy, four days of sun and things are just growing by leaps and bounds.


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  1. I looked up carrot harvesting a few weeks ago since this is my first time planting them too—the answer is that there is no set time to harvest them. Lots of help, I know. Basically, the deal is that since they will just be shorter if you pull them sooner, then they are just more similar to baby carrots then, smaller and sweeter. Don’t let them grow so long that the root starts pushing up above the soil or they will be too woody. I planted in late March and when I pull one up now, it is around 2-3 inches long–usually. Some shorter, some longer, but hey, pick one out and see how they are doing.

  2. I went to the garden tonight to properly thin my carrots out–I’d done a thinning earlier, but they were still pretty tight. Now they’re about 1-2″ apart. They were just itty bitty tiny roots when I pulled them tonight–maybe 1″ long, not wide or orange at all 🙂 But I didn’t get them in until mid-May and it has rained most of June, so I suspect we’re a little behind schedule there. Was yours tasty?

  3. Yeah, you might want to wait a month before you give it another pull, I’d guess. Mine have been tasty but they have a spicy hint to them that grocery store ones definitely don’t! I find it intriguing. You’ll have to tell me what yours taste like when they are bigger.

  4. Will do. Interesting that your carrots are spicy! Grocery lettuce can’t compare to our stuff. I figure we’ve already eaten at least one $2.50 bag of organic leaves, if not more, well past the seed cost we invested 🙂 My goal is to grow enough to eat and preserve at least a little. We’ll see how it goes.

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