Strawberries at Dondero Orchards, CT

Finally New England got some sun today, for the whole day. We have had more rain than we need lately, and it will return for four days or so starting tomorrow, so we took advantage of today’s lovely weather and went berry picking at Dondero Orchard, a wonderful multi-fruit and veggie outpost! Not only can you pick your own strawberries, blueberries and raspberries but they also have peaches, plus a bakery. They make killer apple donuts. I’d eat another one now if I had it.

I haven’t picked strawberries in years, and nor had Mr. Pea. Really my only memory of strawberry picking was when I was a little kid and my brother even littler, and he put his hand in a berry plant that happened to also contain a bee’s nest. He was stung all over and puffed up like a balloon. We lived in the sticks and had one car, and his allergic reaction was the reason we ended up with two cars shortly thereafter. Sometimes one needs benadryl in a hurry.

We picked nearly 7 pounds of berries today. Already some are sliced in the fridge with sugar, getting ready for tonight’s shortcake. Some are sitting in a colander, drying, in order to be frozen. Then there are some 5 other pounds, sitting in their box, wondering what they’ll be. Some we’ll just eat in our granola. Many are going to end up (gulp) as jam. Wish me luck.

Picking berries, Dondero Orchards, CT

The Mr., picking berries


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