Buyer’s remorse: cookbook edition

I might return it

I am prone to buyer’s remorse. I don’t even need to spend very much to get it. One time I splurged $60 on some makeup I’d wanted to try since I’d seen an infomercial years before–and promptly returned it. This time, though, my buyer’s remorse is about this book.

It’s not that this book is bad, by any stretch–I think it’s just more book than I need right now. I was sucked in by a modern book on canning with pretty art direction. I’m such a sucker for pretty art direction. But the book itself contains recipes that are well beyond my needs–sometimes complicated preserves made of things I don’t have handy, or am not interested in. I don’t know. It might be just my lack of $24 talking, but I feel kind of torn about it. I was kind of hoping for an updated primer on canning–and it has that–but with very basic recipes that every home-preserver should have. But the author points to that source–the Blue Book put out by the Ball canning company–and lo, I forgot I’d bought that, years ago, when I started canning but didn’t do more than applesauce. So now I feel like I have the book I need–have had it all along–and should send this one back to the bookstore.

But then I think wow, this new book has a recipe for making your own bacon (I love me some bacon) and apricot-amaretto preserves, which sounds tasty…..I just don’t think I’ll be making my own tuna fish (fish are gross, see) or pickling asparagus (asparagus is too tasty to pickle, and too expensive!). Je ne sais pas.


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