I lack style.

duvet cover--what to put with it?

Maybe you can help me out. The bedroom at our new place is a nice, big space. The walls are a warm beige; the trim is white. It has two windows, one facing west, the other north. It gets lots of lovely afternoon sunlight. It’s very blah, however, as we have pale bedding that just washes out.

The picture you see here is of a duvet cover I bought a year or two ago–It’s a nice pattern, like branches or coral, but on a tan background. I wished it were dark, chocolatey brown at the time, but Martha Stewart evidently only believed in pale colors. We have this, and another duvet that features stripes–pale, beachy stripes–and both totally wash out in our new bedroom.

The rug, incidentally, is a dark burgundy.

My question to you, dear readers, is this: how can I punch up the color in this room? I feel like perhaps some pillows would solve the problem–and I have no problem making pillow covers myself–but I have no idea what color or pattern to use. Please, post suggestions–links–ideas–I’ll be eternally grateful to you. I have no sense of style or color, and could use the help.


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