Thai noodle salad

Thai Mushroom Salad

Remember when this was a cooking blog? Moving took a lot of the wind out of those sails, as unpacking and winding down the semester were my primary concerns. But look, it’s a salad!

A long time ago my mom gave me a cookbook called “Ethnic Foods.” This cookbook is an eclectic collection, to say the least, of foods from different traditions. There are Chinese recipes, Italian recipes, recipes for Indian samosas, and British recipes. Creamed potato! Kidney pie! It’s a wacky bunch of recipes, and it sat on my shelf a long time before getting any love. If the other recipes in there are half as good as this one, it’ll go into the rotation.

This salad is a lukewarm, spicy, vegetarian Thai salad. I love Thai noodle salads. We didn’t have any rice vermicelli as called for, so we used regular vermicelli noodles, and it was still yummy. Supposedly this serves four, but we got about three. Well, two and a half. If you added some grilled chicken, cubed tofu, or something else of substance, you could easily feed at least four. As it was, we were hungry (we had a big breakfast but no lunch today–we were starving by 5, and ate early) and chowed down.

Start some water boiling for your vermicelli. You’ll need 9 ounces, approximately. While you wait for the water to boil, start chopping your veggies. Chop:

6 scallions
3 cups mushrooms (I eyeballed this–I used I think 4 or 5 white mushrooms)
1/2 peeled cucumber, cut into thin sticks (I used a Kirby–it’s small–and used the whole thing)

Put them all in a bowl. Get your noodles going, and toss them on top.

Mix your dressing:
4 T sesame oil
2 T fish sauce (don’t be afraid–it’s pungent but tasty mixed into stuff)
1-2 tsp chili sauce (I used Sriracha, and only 1 tsp, as I’m a sissy)
Juice of 2 limes
1 tsp sugar

Pour dressing over veggies and noodles and toss. You can add some greens if you’d like, and some cilantro. I didn’t feel like lettuce and we have no cilantro, so we went as is, and it was really good and came together quickly. It’ll be great on hot summer nights that are around the corner.


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